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Gland Packing JIC 505 ( Asbestos PTFE )
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Gland Packing JIC 505 ( Asbestos PTFE )

Menjual Acrylic Fiber Packing
Braided form high strenght acrylic synthetic fiber impregnated with special PTFE and dispersion lubricant. The packing has excellent properties of tightness, lubricity and resistance to chemical used in pumps and valve and can handle most chemicals except oxidizer. Especially form the condition of middle temperature, high pressure, high speed and where contamination is not permitted

pH                                            :    2 – 12
Max. Temperature            :     -180°C to + 260°C
Max. Pressure                     :    20 – 180 bar
Shaft Speed                          :    1.5 – 22.8 m/s

Application : Chemical Resistant, Refiners, Pump, Valve

Gland Packing Graphite

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